During the latter half of 1994 the School Council and the Foundation jointly established the above Fund to meet a pressing need to be able to offer short term financial assistance by way of bursaries to those parents adversely affected by abnormal weather conditions and recession.

Applications and individual awards will be entirely confidential, assessed and made by a small sub-committee chaired by the Headmaster and reporting to the Council's Honorary Treasurer. Bursaries will be awarded for one year only and advice of the awards will be given to parents as early as possible. The confidentiality of Bursarial awards is requested.

During 2007 the School Council and Foundation agreed that the eligibility criteria for students able to receive support from this Fund be broadened to include students not already enrolled but who have a traditional link with the School e.g. siblings of current or Old Students, sons of Old Students and students enrolling from Tudor House.

The limited funds remaining only make it possible to offer limited assistance to parents who remain seriously affected by abnormal weather conditions or recession. Parents who wish to be considered for a Town and Country Support Fund Bursary should contact the Deputy Bursar on telephone (02) 9683 8401 to obtain the appropriate forms which will be required to be completed to enable consideration of the bursary application.