The Senior School Facilities

The Senior School Facilities

The Senior School at The King's School enjoys an expansive parkland setting within the centre of Sydney. The 300 acres of grounds provide a wonderful environment in which to learn. It is a safe place within which boys are free to be boys - where they can run, explore and engage with their learning in a setting designed to inspire.

Modelled on the Oxford and Cambridge model of grassed quads, the Senior School is made up of graceful colonnaded buildings. The terracotta columns, sandstone and open veranda areas evoke a distinctly classical feel, whilst also retaining something of an Australian look.

The facilities at the Senior School are generous. This is largely due to generations of parents and Old Boys who have given sacrificially to ensure that educational initiatives at The King's School are not frustrated by a lack of resources. Facilities include the Centre for Learning and Leadership, which as the library and conference centre, is at the very centre of the School. It provides the School with its heartbeat - dispensing knowledge and inspiration to those who enter its doors.

Many of the School's facilities including its halls, music centre, classrooms, drama centre and sports hall are used by the broader community. The School recognises that it is blessed in having such wonderful resources, and enjoys sharing these resources with approved outside groups when the opportunity arises.

The quality of the facilities at the Senior School translates into a remarkable environment in which learning is optimised.