The King's School academic facilities

The King's School was blessed in 1954 to have purchased the current site in North Parramatta which was once the estate of Sir James Burns, a site which occupies about 300 acres (130 hectares) of unsurpassed natural environment, adjacent to the CBD of Parramatta. This environment gives students space to move and play and offers the best of both rural and urban experiences in Australia’s largest cosmopolitan city.

Due to the size of the site, the School is not confined to a small area but has facilities which have been built and positioned appropriately to cater for the demands of a School of around 1,200 students in the Senior School. These facilities not only cater for students during the day but also for 360 students (30%) who board at the School.

With the growing impact of ICT, the School has one of the best infrastructures of any school in Australia with a strong backbone as well as having data projectors in every room, some interactive whiteboards and every staff member in possession of a laptop. The introduction of the one-to-one laptop program across all academic years in the senior school has meant that further consideration has been given to enhancing our facilities to assist with the pedagogy of the curriculum to improve learning outcomes for the students.

The School has the following facilities:

  • Administration building
  • The King's School Chapel
  • Gowan Brae (former residence of Sir James Burns – now used as Year 7 House Day/Boarding
  • The Centre for Learning and Leadership (classrooms, Auditorium)
  • Futter Hall for assemblies
  • The King's Theatre and Drama Centre (incorporating Drama Studio)
  • Robert Robertson Museum
  • 3 double storey classroom blocks (North Walk, South Walk and West Walk)
  • Science Centre of 18 Science laboratories and research facilities
  • SG Wansey Design and Technology Centre for TAS
  • Agriculture block
  • Music School
  • Visual Arts block + new demountable for Year 12 Body of Works
  • Braeside Shop and Clothing Pool
  • WS Friend Gymnasium
  • Sports Centre
  • Dining Hall
  • Health Centre
  • Laundry
  • Maintenance Department
  • 50 metre swimming pool
  • JS White Oval with Thomas Memorial Pavilion and Gus Taylor Change rooms
  • 7 boarding Houses
  • 6 Day Houses
  • 20 residences for staff
  • Stock yards, agricultural plots and virgin bushland for the teaching of Agriculture onsite

In addition, there are extensive playing fields, tennis courts and other external facilities (eg Rowing Shed at Putney) to support the School's extensive co-curricular programs.