The Preparatory School Facilities

The Preparatory School Facilities

There are very few Junior and Primary Schools that enjoy a more gracious and attractive site than The King's School Preparatory School. Nestled among 300 acres of gracious parkland, complete with lakes, lawns, gardens and woodland, the boys at the Prep School are able to learn and play in an environment which is a ‘boy heaven’.

The grounds of the Prep School are safe and the associated playing fields and sports facilities are generous and close by so that very little bus transport is needed. Included within the grounds of the Prep School are not only several playing fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool and cricket nets, but also the significant resources of the Senior School, which are also within walking distance.

The buildings of the Prep School cluster around the splendour of Gowan Brae, an 1880s mansion that is used by our Year 7 and Prep boarders. This beautiful building adds a magic to the Prep School, as does its magnificent sandstone ‘stables’, which have been converted into a visual arts complex. Other buildings include a wood working centre, attractively located by the lake.

Most of the buildings that make up the Prep School fall into three sections:

  • A delightful quadrangle of buildings that make up the Infants school (Kindergarten - Year 2). Pleasantly proportioned and designed to meet the needs of our youngest Kingsmen, the Infants School provides a place of wonder for our boys as they start their schooling experience.
  • The main part of the Prep School caters for students in Years 3 - 6. These classrooms face out onto quadrangles and parkland and are close communal facilities. These communal facilities include an Inquiry Centre - which is a library and teaching hub for the Prep School. This beautiful building is at the heart of the School. It is used to inspire boys and to assist them in their quest for knowledge and understanding.
  • Other facilities include a general purpose hall, a fully equipped music centre complete with performance space, sick bay, administration centre, changing rooms and many shaded walkways.

The facilities of the Preparatory School are designed to support learning. They also succeed in causing many to remember their days at the Prep with great affection.