Employee Benefits


At The King's School, we believe that benefits contribute to employees creating balance in their work and personal lives and support employees' well-being through health, fitness and lifestyle.

The King's School provides a wide variety of benefits to employees. These benefits are offered in the spirit of attracting and retaining high-performing, engaged, and committed staff who will contribute to the achievement of the School's mission.




The benefits outlined in ‘Facilities’ are available to all permanent and fixed-term employees, residents and resident’s family members, unless otherwise stated.

The School gym can be accessed outside of the students’ gym schedule. For safety reasons, a gym induction must be completed. 

The pool can be accessed when it is not in use by students or external venue hirers. Parents/guardians must supervise children 12 and under.

The School grounds can be accessed 24/7. An specific locations that require booking need to be accessed following request procedures.

The School tennis courts can be accessed when they are not in use by students or other external venue hirers. 

The School Sports Centre can be accessed when it’s not in use by students or other external venue hirers. 

24/7 onsite car parking is available to all staff.

Employees can access venues to hire at no hire fee. Employees will be required to cover the cost of Public Liability insurance, security and cleaning costs.



The benefits outlined in ‘Services’ are available to all permanent and fixed-term employees unless otherwise stated.

An onsite Doctor and medical centre service is available to all employees and residents. Annual flu vaccinations are also available through the Health Centre and at no charge for employees.

Onsite dry cleaning is available to all staff, residents and families at a competitive rate. 

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) available to employees and immediate family members up to three times per employee issue.

All staff can access the library and resources during open hours.

Salary packaging or salary sacrificing can be leveraged to pay your daily living expenses in a more tax effective way. This is currently arranged via Southgate Salary Packaging Services. 

Employees can request salary sacrificing superannuation payments via payroll up to a defined limit. The School’s default superannuation funds will provide the opportunity for 1:1 consultations to assist staff in planning their superannuation, on a periodic basis. 

The School produces amazing theatre performances each year. Staff are able to obtain two complimentary tickets to enjoy these. 

Work Related Benefits

The benefits outlined in ‘Work Related Benefits’ are available to all permanent and fixed-term employees unless otherwise stated.

Breakfast is available to all staff who have an early morning start and any resident employee on morning duty.

Morning tea is available to all staff on each working day, during the term.

Lunch service is provided to all staff on weekdays during school term and professional development days.

Dinner is provided to staff when they are required to work late and any resident who is on duty during dinner service. Residential staff may also have their family eat dinner in the Dining Hall at no charge for one night per week.

Morning tea and coffee is available to all staff on weekdays during School Term and Professional Development Days.

The School offers a variety of flexible working options. This includes:

The ability to be onsite or offsite based on work requirements.

Transition to work from maternity leave.

Part-time work.

Job share arrangements.

Term-time only opportunities.

Transition to retirement.

Eligible employees are able to access paid parental leave in addition to government paid parental leave. 

State of the art technology and comprehensive onsite support. Currently on a digital transformation pathway to streamline working. 

Modern office facilities in an established and historic setting. Large natural settings surround the campuses with regular visits from native animals. 


The benefits outlined in ‘Residences’ are available to all permanent and fixed-term residents and their family members, unless otherwise stated.

Be a part of the thriving residential community of The King’s School and live on campus with reduced rent, offset by participating in boarding duties.

Onsite properties are maintained as required at no additional cost. Property improvements are provided to residential dwellings at the discretion of the landlord.

A scheduled grounds maintenance service is offered to the residential community with no fee attached. A resident can opt to take ownership of these duties if they wish.

Utilities are paid by the tenant except where the role is required to live onsite.

Each resident can access WIFI at no charge and the School ICT services are available to assist as required.

Some access is available at reduced rates.

Dog fences are installed at campus properties as required in line with the Onsite Pet Policy.

Landlord does not provide any furnishings. Tenants are welcome to make reasonable customisation (subject to ‘make good’ requirements).

Periodic carpet cleaning is undertaken by the landlord as part of the tenancy.

Residents and their families are able to access onsite facilities as described in ‘Facilities’ above. 

Professional Development

The benefits outlined in ‘Professional Development’ are available to all permanent and fixed-term employees unless otherwise stated.

Employees partake in a termly professional development session. Tailored programs are also available to employees on request.

Bespoke approach to professional development based on an individual’s needs and goals.

Group training provided termly as well as individual tailored programs as required.

Facilitated for teaching staff throughout various stages of their careers.

Access to corporate memberships of The King’s School.

Subject to meeting the established criteria and being approved internally, partial funding for post graduate study is available. 

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