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The King's School boarding experience

At its core, King’s is a boarding school: it is the oldest in Australia, provides residential accommodation for hundreds of local, country and international students and offers unparalleled opportunities for boarders to learn to live together, developing independence, resilience and lifelong friendships.

Purpose-built boarding houses offer every comfort and allow boys access to the entirety of the School’s extensive facilities and rich support programs. Boarders are fully immersed in all that the School has to offer, and in many ways are the centre of its daily life.
With vibrant social, cultural and recreational activities, weekend sporting and cultural programs and seemingly endless acres of parklands and woods, boarding at King’s really is an adventure in waiting.
The King's School Boarding Houses - a boarding barbeque


The experience of living in community develops tolerance and independence and it offers significant leadership opportunities.

Boarders enjoy convenient access to an extensive range of activities and facilities (sporting, social, cultural, recreational and spiritual), and there is a weekend activity program that affords the students opportunities to attend dances, representative sporting fixtures and multicultural dining experiences.


Additional academic support is readily available, for example tutors on duty in the Boarding Houses, evening tutors in the Centre for Learning and Leadership, Study Hall and free on-line tutoring each Sunday to Friday evenings from 4.00pm-11.00pm.

Located on more than 300 acres of land with swimming pools, gym facilities, sporting fields and a Mountain Bike track, the School is conveniently located in the geographic centre of Sydney, enabling our boarders to enjoy a country schooling experience in the heart of Australia’s largest city.


Each House is set in its own attractive natural environment and boys are expected to assist with some jobs around their House to aid in the maintenance of this setting. Accommodation is available in dormitories, twin-shares and single bed-studies that feature king single beds and climate controlled air-conditioning.

All senior houses contain lockable cupboard space for each student and external security is provided by strategically placed CCTV cameras and a security company is employed to patrol the School grounds during the evening.

All boarding houses have large screen TVs and other audio-visual equipment, pool and table tennis tables and a number of areas for recreation. We embrace the use of technology and all boarders have access to the same services as those found within business.

Clothes drying facilities are provided, but all laundry is done by the School.

A kitchenette is provided in each House for the preparation of supper and snacks.


Boarding Housemasters are assisted by a variety of staff who deal with such matters as pastoral care, health, academic issues, social outings and supervision. All residential staff are trained in basic first aid.

Attached to each House are Tutors who meet regularly with the students and guide them in both academic and pastoral matters. Tutor and Year Group meetings are held regularly.

Boarding Housemasters are assisted by at least two resident members of staff and a resident House Matron. Between them, these staff are responsible for monitoring the whereabouts of each boarder, 24 hours per day. Tutorial support in the boarding houses is provided by the Housemaster, the resident staff and additional members of the teaching staff.

Each boarding house has a live-in weekday House Matron who is an integral part of the pastoral “family”. While their major responsibility lies in domestic affairs within the boarding house, they also provide that friendly ear, listening to home news, social relationships, classroom issues and sporting
achievements. In some Houses, the matron is the wife of the Housemaster.

The matron will liaise with the Health Centre when there are issues related to the health of boarders.

Residential staff are rostered for duty in the boarding houses on a schedule prepared by each Housemaster. Their duties include waking the boys, getting them off to breakfast and ensuring they are ready for school.

Each evening they supervise homework and recreation time. Staff are assisted by senior students in running the House. Staff are also rostered on at weekends to supervise the boarding house.
In the Health Centre there is a registered nurse on duty 24 hours each day and visiting doctors and physiotherapists are on call. The School also has a full time Counsellor to assist in any cases of student concern or other pastoral matters.

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