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Boarding facilities

Boarding houses at King’s are designed to encourage a sense of belonging, build relationships and foster academic excellence.

They are places of community and friendship, learning and adventure and we place great emphasis on ensuing every boarder can make the most of their time during their boarding years.

The overall wellbeing of every boarder is of primary importance, and we provide support through a mix of comfortable surroundings, useful amenities and helpful, supportive staff.

Wherever they may be in their boarding adventure, students have everything they need to make the most of their time and maximise their learning potential.


Five Houses are available at the Parramatta campus, and one at the Southern Highlands. Each boarder is allocated to a particular House where he will remain through his time at King’s.

Parramatta campus, Senior School (boarding for boys, Years 7 to 12):

  • Baker Hake
  • Bishop Barker Harris
  • Broughton Forrest
  • Gowan Brae (Year 7)
  • Macarthur Waddy

Southern Highlands (boarding for girls and boys, Years 3 to 6):

  • Medley House


Each House provides a very comfortable and welcoming space for students, with access to a range of amenities available, including:

  • Kitchenettes
  • Lockers
  • Clothes drying (washing is done by the School)
  • Large screen TVs
  • Pool tables
  • Table tennis tables
  • Games areas
  • School dining hall
  • School Health Centre
  • 3 canteens
  • Braeside shop (for school uniforms and supplies)


Each House has a dedicated Housemaster, supported by at least two live-in staff members and a House Matron. Between them, they ensure the wellbeing, whereabouts and safety of each boarder 24/7.

In addition, Tutors are assigned to each House to guide students in academic and pastoral matters. 


Active external security is in place in the form of onsite security staff and monitored CCTV, to ensure peace of mind for all.

All boarders have the necessary space within their House to undertake their daily prep and wider learning, and dedicated times are in place to ensure the academic routine is maintained. Older students also have their own individual study/bed space to help with focused learning.

Additionally, there is extended access to all the School’s learning centres and academic spaces.

Technology is a critical part of life, and we embrace it fully across the School. However, there are rules and limitations on the type and amount of tech allowed within boarding Houses. Our Southern Highlands campus applies a no-screens policy to encourage outdoor and creative play.

Each house has its own phones for shared use by boarders and their parents. These are in place to encourage family communication and there are rules on their use.

Boarders have extended access to all the available sporting facilities on offer, including swimming pools, cricket ovals, playing fields, basketball and tennis courts.

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