Assessment and Interview

Entry points to The King’s School are Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Year 5 and Year 7. Casual vacancies can occur in intervening Year groups and families are encouraged to register and discuss potential vacancies with the Enrolment Office.

The School recognises that families appreciate the opportunity to assess the suitability of various entry points as students grow and develop, and does not require enrolment at birth to ensure a place. Students will be assessed in the twelve to twenty-four months before anticipated commencement.

During the enrolment process at all campuses, applicants who are chosen to be interviewed will be invited for a family interview with the Registrar and/or Head of School.

In preparation for the Family interview, families will be required to complete a Family Admission Form and provide the required supporting information such as previous school reports and NAPLAN results.

For Tudor House and the Preparatory School, School readiness assessments are conducted by the Registrar during the interview process.


Based on the process outlined above, an Offer of a Place to attend the School may be made. Such an offer will nominate year and level of entry and whether the place is as a day student or boarder.

Boarding places cannot be transferred to day places. If parents decide to accept the offered place on their child’s behalf, a signed acceptance form (both parents and/or guardian need to sign an acceptance form, as this becomes the binding contract between the School and families) and the nominated fee will be acknowledged, with a place confirmed.

The School provides an opportunity for new students to attend an Orientation Day when students will receive a detailed Handbook and information to assist them in feeling confident for their first day at King’s.

International Students should be aware that an Appointment & Obligations of Guardians Form is available for downloading and MUST be submitted once an Offer of a Place is accepted and before a student can commence at the School.

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