Boys' education overview

The King's School is an international authority on educating boys. The publication by the School of the bestseller, Boy oh Boy, a book on how to raise and educate boys, has assisted King's in becoming an acknowledged authority on boys' education.

The National Boys' Education Conference, which The King's School has hosted for the last decade, has become an advisor to the Federal Government on boys' education. King's has also been actively involved in the International Boys' School Coalition and has made significant contributions to its conferences around the world each year.

Another pioneering venture has been the Boys to Men Program for students in Year 10. This course introduces boys to life skills such as managing money, cooking, ironing, cleaning, etiquette and manners, sexuality and other topics, such as car maintenance. A novel has also been written for the Boys to Men Program that is designed to complement the course.

The King's School, with its expansive grounds, is an ideal learning environment for boys. Within the safety of the School, boys can explore, play sport and engage in those activities not always possible to accommodate in other schools. King's is a place where boys are allowed to be boys and where they can be mentored on their journey to manhood by strong and caring role models.