Boarding overview

Boarding overiew

Why Board at King's?

The extensive grounds (320 acres) provide ample space for boys to move, play, grow and learn. Most boys are very happy at King's, and typically, boarders form lifelong friendships. Flexible boarding arrangements are available - full, weekly or occasional, and flexible leave arrangements maximise opportunities for interaction with family and friends.

Study routines and supervised ‘prep’ (homework) help many boarders to achieve better academic results than they might have achieved if they lived at home. Additional academic support (at no extra charge) is readily available, for example tutors on duty in the Boarding Houses, evening tutors in the Centre for Learning and Leadership, Study Hall and free on-line tutoring each Sunday to Friday evenings from 4.00pm-11.00pm.

The experience of living in community develops tolerance and independence and it offers significant leadership opportunities. Boarders enjoy convenient access to an extensive range of activities and facilities (sporting, social, cultural, recreational and spiritual), and there is a weekend activity program that affords the students opportunities to attend dances, representative sporting fixtures and multicultural dining experiences.

In the Health Centre there is a registered nurse on duty 24 hours each day and visiting doctors and physiotherapists are on call. The School also has a full time Counsellor to assist in any cases of student concern or other pastoral matters.