Senior School boarding

Senior school boarding

All Year 7 boarders are accommodated in the transition house - Gowan Brae. As this houses younger boarders, the staffing structure is more intensive. In addition to the Gowan Brae Housemaster, there are nine residential tutors and a residential matron.

Senior houses have a vertical structure accommodating boys from Years 8 to 12. Each senior house is led by a residential Housemaster and assistants (at least two residential tutors and a residential matron).

Commencing in 2011, the senior boarding houses have been amalgamated into four, with the plan being to retain a boarding enrolment at King's of about 400. During this transition period, there will continue to be extensive rebuilding and expansion of boarding facilities on the “Left” Bank. Boarders will be temporarily relocated to other boarding houses during these renovations. Broughton Forrest House was completed in 2013 with boys moving in ready for the new school year and boarders moved into the refurbished Baker Hake House in 2015. There are six residential staff plus a residential matron attached to each of these expanded houses. The boarding upgrade will continue through the next couple of years.