Boarding overview

Boarding overiew


Welcome to boarding at The King's School. It is my hope that during your time with us, you thoroughly enjoy your boarding experience and immerse yourself in all that the School has to offer. As part of a unique community, it is your responsibility to respect the positive traditions of our great school. Take comfort in the knowledge that every Kingsman has an unequaled opportunity to learn. Choose to spend your time wisely - find those things that you are truly passionate about and pursue these interests with great vigour. Above all, make the most of those opportunities available to you - get to know your peers and forge life-long friendships that will stand you in good stead, now and into the future.

Learning to live in a community is a vital skill for life and research teaches us that boarders develop close friendships and values such as resilience, tolerance and independence, often much earlier than others who are not given the same educational opportunities. Living at school offers many advantages – time that would otherwise be allocated to travel can be better utilised, enabling boarders to be fully engaged in their school work, sporting endeavours and other co-curricular activities. Our boarders have access to academic support from a selection of qualified tutors who are available throughout the day and in the evenings. The tutors assist our boarders with their homework, providing direction and enabling the boys to make the most of their prep time outside of the classroom.

The King's School offers unparalleled boarding facilities with large, purpose-built boarding houses staffed by qualified teachers. We are committed to providing the very best in residential accommodation and have, in recent years, made a significant investment to ensure that our boarding environment is the very best available. We embrace the use of technology and all boarders have access to the same services as those found in Industry. Accommodation is available in dormitories, twin-shares and single bed-studies that feature King Single beds and climate controlled air-conditioning. Located on over 320 acres of land with swimming pools, gym facilities, sporting fields and a Mountain Bike track, the School is conveniently located in the geographic centre of Sydney - enabling our boarders to enjoy a country schooling experience in the heart of Australia's largest city.

A note to all boarders: An incredible and exciting adventure awaits your significant contribution - get involved, enjoy all that is on offer, make the most of this amazing opportunity and find those things that you are truly passionate about. Do these things and I guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy a lifetime of learning at The King's School.