Educational Support Services

Educational Support Services

Language Arts Elective

The Language Arts Elective is designed for students who need to improve their literacy skills. The King's School provides a traditional Liberal Arts curriculum that requires students to produce extended written responses in a mature, sophisticated and concise manner across the range of their subject areas. Without consolidation of the basic building blocks of the English language, students are unable to produce the necessary standard of work to achieve academic success, and this can also impact upon their self-esteem. Hence, students are immersed in thematically based, high interest units of work. Each unit of work provides opportunities to develop key literacy skills, including vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, syntax, reading comprehension and the identification and written composition of various text types.

A Homework Club

A Homework Club, supervised by ESS Staff, is held in the ESS Department after school for students on their non-sport afternoons. Students are given assistance with prep, assignment tasks, organisational and effective studying skills, as well as general exam techniques. To provide fuel for the brains to effectively engage in the learning process, raisin toast and fruit are supplied for students upon arrival to the Homework Club.

Disability Provisions for Examinations

Disability Provisions for examinations are co-ordinated through the Educational Support Services Department. If parents consider their son requires a disability provision due to illness, learning difficulty or other problem, parents are advised to contact the Head of Educational Support Services Department, Mrs Angela Williams.