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Visual Arts

Visual Arts is an integral part of all children's total intellectual, emotional and physical development and education. It provides a unique vehicle of self-expression while allowing them to appreciate their self-worth, their cultural heritage, and respect for others' point of view. All boys at The King's School, therefore, study Art. Apart from the learning experiences offered in the Preparatory School, all boys in Year 7 study Art through the Mandatory Course. The course is an exciting integration of the theory of art with the expressive aspects of art practice. Boys learn about art by making art, and verbal and visual literacy skills are extended by a program of sequenced units.

For those boys who show further interest or ability, the Elective Course offers more opportunity for indepth study in Years 8, 9 and 10. These courses encourage individual specialisation and are balanced between an historical and critical study and that of the student's own creative work. Regular excursions to museums and galleries extend the scope and vision of the courses offered. Visits to Artists' studios, feature workshops by artists and lectures by visiting guests further enrich the quality of experiences on offer.

An excellent Art Centre, with light and airy specialist studios, allows painting, print making, sculpture, pottery, drawing, design, photography and video production to be offered. Computer and digital design is also offered as part of the Visual Arts course.

Visual Arts is a recognised matriculation subject. Students at King's have been able to include Visual Arts amongst their best HSC results. Outstanding work has been produced in both academic and creative spheres and student's works have regularly been selected for representation in the prestigious ‘Artexpress’ exhibition - that is, candidates have been academically successful as well as creatively fulfilled.

The Visual Arts Department is energetic and multi-faceted with an experienced and dedicated staff. Regular student exhibitions and competitions present student work to the school and the public. Visual Arts will continue to embrace the advancing technologies of computer graphics and video while giving a solid grounding in traditional methods and theories of Art.