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Many of the key issues of modern society are in areas involving science and technology. The media is filled with content and discussion regarding scientific issues that have become political issues, such as climate change. To participate effectively in our modern world our students need to be well informed and able to take a balanced view on concerns such as conservation of the environment, emerging genetic technologies and alternative energy resources.

Science is the tool through which we gain our understanding of the physical world and our place in it. The nature of scientific inquiry ensures unbiased and provable evidence to support decision-making.

Science facilities at The King's School are generously equipped and our range of subjects is taught by highly qualified teachers with proven records of success in gaining top marks in public examinations. The majority of our students go on to study in a scientific area at university.

A study of science involves half of all lesson time engaged in practical activities and research projects. There are also opportunities for our students to engage in genuine research at a university standard in the senior years.