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Mathematics in New South Wales is compulsory in Years 7 to 10, with its study being optional in Years 11 and 12. Different levels of study are available depending on a boy's ability, interest and future use of the subject.

The aim of Mathematics at The King's School is to promote student's appreciation of the subject and develop their mathematical thinking, understanding, confidence and competence in solving mathematical problems.

This aim is to be achieved through developing students' capacities to:

  • Acquire a mathematical knowledge, operational facility, concepts, logical reasoning, symbolic representation and terminology appropriate to their stage of mathematical development and in preparation for further study of Mathematics;
  • Interpret, organise and analyse mathematical information and data;
  • Apply mathematical knowledge and skills to creatively and effectively solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar situations;
  • Communicate mathematical information and data;
  • Justify mathematical results and give proofs where appropriate, making connections between important mathematical ideas and concepts;
  • Value mathematics as an important component of their lives.