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History and Legal Studies

The History and Legal Studies Department subscribes to some rather important principals that underpin the teaching of all the various strands that are on offer from Year 7 through to Year 12. Students of The King's School learn, with structured and assisted guidance, to assume responsibility for their education and the destiny of their chosen careers and pursuits after they leave school. The range of content studied and assessment used for both subjects, allows for some rather wonderful opportunities for students to closely engage with the historical and legal world around them and to demonstrate the outcomes of their research and inquiries into key issues, through self-chosen and directed strategies.

In Year 7 History students build and create their own glogster page to discuss and evaluate issues about ownership of the archaeological record. In Year 8 History, students do guided research into ethical issues of colonisation and conflict between civilisations. Year 9 History engages in a joint study of WWI with the English Department that sees students creating videos and documentaries. Year 10 students research the impact of protest music and media and the role of Australia in the Vietnam conflict. Elective History students, for those in Years 9 and 10, spend much of their time writing, creating and developing their own lines of historical inquiry into topics of great historical debate, ranging from ancient mysteries like the existence of Atlantis, through to contemporary topics such as terrorism and its impact on the modern world.

In the senior years when students can select either one of the three strands of History (Ancient, Modern or Extension) or Legal Studies, students are more fixed to Board of Studies topics, however, the opportunity to engage in provocative and interesting topics is still very much a part of the senior courses on offer, ranging from fascinating character studies of Albert Speer in Modern History, the great era of pyramid building for Ancient History, the deconstruction of the historical Jesus in extension History and case studies in Legal Studies that explore rights of the individual in the workplace.

As boys depart King's having studied and engaged with these two subjects, they will be responsible, imaginative and inquiring students of the human and social condition and keen observers of the world around them. They will be able to ask questions, seek solutions, observe patterns, challenge conventional "truths" and "wisdoms" and become responsible citizens and commentators of the historical and legal processes that govern the world we live in.