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TKS Work experience placement

Work Experience is a technique used to help in the vocational development of a student. It is intended to help him perceive the relationship between school studies and the world of work, to develop a greater awareness of his abilities and interests and to make appropriate realistic career decisions. To do this he is encouraged to ask questions of the employer and employees, to find out typical career paths, the good and bad parts about the work, the different levels of responsibility and the work ethic. Obviously we would not want this to interfere with the general running of the organisation. He would be expected to complete tasks which assist the workplace as much as possible and choose appropriate times to enter into discussions with the employer and other workers.

Preferably this Work Experience will be:

  • in an area of vocational interest, a possible career
  • well-planned and structured by the employer to give a broad range of experience in the work area
  • enjoyable and active, not boring and passive

There are significant advantages in completing Work Experience. Some of these are:

  • Future employers may expect that applicants will have undertaken some Work Experience.
  • The employer report and/or reference can be useful for portfolios and future prospects.
  • Experience of the working environment outside school may be interesting and educational. It may increase confidence in the ability to join the workforce.
  • The week may confirm a career interest or may convince the participant to look at other careers.
  • Participants may be given responsibilities which test their ability, attitude and character.
  • Participants may be offered paid work or an opportunity to apply for work at a later date.
  • The Work Experience may be relevant to an area of academic interest or a major HSC project.