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Biblical Studies

As a Christian school, The King's School's mission is to develop the spiritual and moral character of its students. Biblical Studies supports this by engaging students in learning about the Bible and the Christian faith. A variety of methods are utilised in this process, including incorporating the latest technologies, class discussions and presentations by relevant speakers.

In Years 7 and 8, Biblical Studies provides an introduction to the Bible. Students are engaged in exploring the origins of the Bible and learning how to apply Biblical principles to everyday life.

In Year 9, students explore Christian beliefs and study the development of the church through research and practical assignments.

In Year 10, students consider other religions and beliefs and compare these to Christianity. They also complete a course on “Destiny”, a subject that considers what the Bible describes as the purpose for life.

In Year 11, students explore ethics and investigate a wide range of issues seeking to gain a Biblical view on some of these more controversial issues.

Although no formal course is offered in Year 12, students participate in a series of seminars that seek to provide a Christian perspective on a range of contemporary issues.

A two unit Preliminary and HSC course in Studies of Religion is offered that focuses on the development of religion in Australia and on the major world religions.

The approach of the experienced and dedicated teaching staff leading this program, is to seek to establish a rapport with the students and to role model Christian character. The emphasis is on encouraging the students to consider their spiritual life and to develop a sound moral foundation for their future.