Senior School curriculum

Senior School Curriculum

Year 12 HSC Courses

In Years 11 and 12, students are able to choose from a range of courses designed to meet their specific needs and interests. The choice of courses to undertake in the final two years of school is an important one. There are no simple answers, as each individual student will have his own unique pattern of study. However, there is now a wide range of educational and training opportunities open to young people. The variety of courses available caters for the different interests and ability levels of our diverse student population. Boys are encouraged to choose courses appropriate to their needs and abilities. Once chosen, the School asks no more than that each boy works to the best of his ability in his chosen courses.

We encourage the boys to expand their horizons and we can provide them with specialist courses at tertiary education institutions, including HSC-University Pathways for talented HSC students. The Higher School Certificate offers an extensive range (about 150) of Board Developed Courses and a large range of Board Endorsed Courses within the HSC curriculum. The King's School cannot offer all these courses, but continually assesses which courses should be offered at the School, in an effort to suit the needs, abilities and interests of its students, as well as offering opportunities outside the School in nationally recognised Vocational Educational and Training (VET) Courses for many industries. Extension courses may also be undertaken in areas of special interest. The HSC fairly assesses each student's knowledge and skills. If a student meets the minimum standard expected in a 2 Unit course, he receives a mark of 50/100. When students display higher standards of performance, higher marks are achieved. For each course, students will receive easy-to-understand reports providing detailed information, giving clear indications of what students have demonstrated they know, understand and can do in each course.

The School also offers access to VET courses at TAFE. Vocational Education and Training courses offered through TAFE will count towards the HSC and will also lead to qualifications recognised across a range of industries. Students may choose to enrol in both ATAR framework and non-ATAR framework courses.