HSC results

HSC examination results at The King's School

The King's School has, over many years, established a record of academic excellence. It is particularly pleasing that this excellence has been achieved whilst students have concurrently pushed the boundaries in a variety of leadership and extracurricular endeavours.

The King’s School’s Year 12 students of 2017 can be very proud of their terrific HSC results. We had ten students named in the Top Achiever’s list for obtaining a state ranking in their subjects. Fifteen students were named in the coveted All-Rounders list for achieving Band 6 results in 10 or more units. The students once again gained an unusually high proportion of nominations for HSC major works across four different subjects.

Recognition and praise must go to all those who have helped students produce these results - the School Executive, Heads of Department, the Year 12 Coordinator, the pastoral staff of Housemasters and Tutors and, of course, most important of all, the teachers of Year 12.

The top range of marks, those over 90%, is examined critically in the media and whilst The King’s School is proud of its performance at the top end the story does not stop there. It is often the middle and even the bottom ranges that tell you more about a school than simply just the top range. We continue to analyse the whole range of results. It is particularly pleasing to note that the middle range of students achieve very pleasing results, with over 94% of all results consistently being recorded as Band 6s, Band 5s and Band 4s. The number of students who constitute our “academic tail” has continued to remain low.

Results, therefore, are excellent, given the comprehensive nature of the intake of the School. The middle range of students has performed very well and has also achieved outstanding results with a multitude of Band 5s. Information gained from HSC results indicates that once again the majority of our students gain ATARs over 80.

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