Brief history of The King's School

The King's School history - Towards Manhood

Towards Manhood

The support of the parents and the wider community has provided many facilities for the School over the last forty years, as new academic and social challenges have dictated the needs for providing the best in boys' education. Under Mr Wickham, the School curriculum broadened and new subjects such as Industrial Arts and Visual Arts became mainstream and provided for a new population which was slowly, but steadily seeing the enrolment of more day boys. The Theatre, opened during the sesquicentenary celebrations, proved the impetus for more annual performances following on from the Gilbert and Sullivan tradition of the 1950s and 1960s.

Social changes forced the School to rethink its educational offering and question traditions inherited from the past. Over recent years, under Headmaster Dr Timothy Hawkes, major building works such as the Centre for Learning and Leadership, extensions to the Preparatory School and the rejuvenation of the facilities for both boarders and day students have fostered academic learning providing excellence in boys' education, boarding and leadership as the boys of the School move towards Manhood.

The Science Centre has paved the way, encouraging budding scientists to engage with the community through research, enabling the twentieth Headmaster of The King's School, Mr Tony George to guide the School as it explores what it is to be educated and lead in the Global Village.