Brief history of The King's School

The King's School history - Towards Gowan Brae

Towards Gowan Brae

While Baker's successor, Rev CT Parkinson, had visions for a rebuilding program and a broadened curriculum, his resignation after a few years saw little of the vision come to fruition, except the building of Baker and Forrest Houses to accommodate the ever increasing boarding numbers. The new Headmaster, the first not to be an ordained clergyman, had to first contend with the effects of the world again at war and a threat by the government to requisition the School for the use of the armed forces. Tudor House at Moss Vale was acquired and it was becoming exceedingly obvious that the site by the river in Parramatta would not allow the School to grow and develop as envisioned by the Council and its Headmaster, and so began discussions as to the future of The King's School.

The process to find a new site was perhaps the most contentious in the history of the School. The offer of a site in Wollongong was violently opposed by many Old Boys who saw the heart of the School in the Parramatta area, as envisioned by Broughton so many years before. A generous bequest by Mrs Violet Macansh, the sister of the Futter brothers who attended during the 1880s-90s, provided for the purchase of Gowan Brae, just a few miles up the road, and from 1955 the Prep relocated to Gowan Brae. The Senior School first attended classes in new buildings on this site from 1962.

Mr Hake's successor, Rev SW Kurrle, arrived in 1964 and during his time the building work was consolidated and the Chapel moved. The School adapted to new academic challenges with the introduction of the Wyndham Scheme and with it an added year of senior schooling. The School spent two years celebrating its sesquicentenary before Rev Kurrle retired in 1982.