About The King's School Council

The governance of The King's School rests in the hands of a Council that meets about 10 times a year to direct the School's affairs. There are also a number of sub-committees covering areas such as finance, property, scholarships and compliance.

The Council of The King's School was established in 1893. Its office is at 87-129 Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta.

The majority of Council members are appointed by the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney and the President of the School Council is the Archbishop of Sydney. A number of Council members are also appointed by members of the Old Boys' Union of the School. To this, is sometimes added members who are appointed by the Council itself.

Appointed by The Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney
  • Mrs R Abrahams (Chairman)
  • The Most Reverend Dr G Davies
  • The Venerable KP Allen
  • Mr K Chapman
  • The Reverend Canon Dr D Claydon
  • The Reverend Dr E Loane
  • Mr AED Mobbs
  • The Reverend Canon BH Morrison
  • The Reverend MB Robinson
  • Mr M Bradford
  • Mr M Turner
Appointed by The King's School Old Boys' Union
  • Mr RA Davis
  • Mr P Harvey
  • Mr P Whittington
  • Mr MJ Webeck
  • Mr R Weekes