King’s 1st XI takes out GPS Premiership and Northern District Twenty20 Cup The future of technology begins at King’s Class of 2016 produces exceptional HSC results Putting humanitarian skills into practice Outstanding results at PSSA Swimming Championships Youngest Kingsmen display innovation and creativity at Easter Hat Parade

King’s 1st XI takes out GPS Premiership and Northern District Twenty20 Cup

The 1st XI became GPS Premiers at the end of the season for the third time since 1966.

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The future of technology begins at King’s

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a growing area of focus for many of the top schools in Australia and King’s is at the forefront of these developments.

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Class of 2016 produces exceptional HSC results

The Class of 2016 delivered the most impressive results to date, ranking 30th in NSW.

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Putting humanitarian skills into practice

From Year 11, boys at King’s have the choice of continuing with Cadet Corps or switching to our Community Outreach Program.

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Outstanding results at PSSA Swimming Championships

Karl participated in the NSWPSSA State Championships on 05th and 06th of April at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

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Youngest Kingsmen display innovation and creativity at Easter Hat Parade

In the last week of Term 1 our Prep students had a great time designing and building Easter hats for the annual Easter Hat Parade.

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August 2017

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  • Another Top 40 HSC Result for 2013
  • Another Top 40 HSC Result for 2013 - Visit Us for a School Tour, to Find Out How a King's Education Can Benefit Your Son.
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Preparatory School

Preparatory School


The boys in the Preparatory School engage in the exciting Primary Years Program (PYP) designed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation. The PYP is taking the world by storm and revolutionising Primary education by putting the emphasis on inquiry-based learning. This has had the happy effect of increasing student engagement and accelerating learning, with students learning to become effective thinkers and independent learners. This inquiry-based learning program creates a sense of enthralment and trains boys to question, analyse and think. This leads to deeper understanding, the development of problem solving skills and academic advancement. For more details of the PYP, please click here.

Literacy and numeracy skills are central to the PYP, with boys being constantly stimulated to grow in these key areas. Regular assessment and constant monitoring allow our teachers to customise their lessons so that learning is optimised. Literacy skills are further enhanced by the adoption of the ‘Teaching Handwriting, Reading And Spelling Skills’ (THRASS) program, which is proving to be very effective. For more details of the THRASS program, go to

The Primary curriculum of The King's School has the following features:

  • A technology rich environment that prepares boys well for the electronic world they will inherit.
  • Access to a state-of-the-art Inquiry Learning Centre.
  • Specialist teachers in the areas of Technology, Christian Studies, Music, Physical Education, Library and Art.
  • Specialist staff to meet the needs of students requiring learning support or gifted and talented programs.
  • Specialist teaching of Mandarin, which is the overseas language of choice taught within the Preparatory School.
  • An international perspective, with boys being prepared to play their part on the world stage.
  • A Christian foundation that provides the framework for a good moral code, personal faith and the development of appropriate values. Although a Christian school, King's welcomes students from all faiths, on the understanding that they will be educated in a Christian environment.
  • Exemplary pastoral care.
  • A vibrant Music education and performance program involving all boys.
  • Ability-graded inter-school team sports involving all boys.

Enhanced inquiry for the Gifted and Talented

We believe that students may display gifts and talents in different domains, including intellectual, creative, leadership, social and physical. (The Gagne model)

Our Gifted and Talented (GAT) Committee meets regularly to ensure that GAT students are identified early and in as many domains of giftedness and talent as possible.

We seek to inspire and stimulate our GAT students by providing a differentiated in-class curriculum, along with special learning opportunities within and outside the School.

A wide range of identification strategies is used, including teacher evaluation, parent nomination, student nomination, standardised testing, IQ tests, observational and anecdotal evidence, behavioural checklists, academic reports and external competition results.

At King's we do not favour a ‘one size fits all’ policy. Our learning programs are differentiated. We keep in mind the ‘5 Ps of differentiation’:

  • Pre-testing (formative assessment)
  • Pitch (the level of the learning activity)
  • Pace (the rate at which material is presented)
  • Process (the ways in which students experience the learning)
  • Product (the ways in which students express their learning)

Additionally, the PYP framework, used to present all learning in the Prep School, provokes deep thinking. It pushes students to learn at a conceptual level. Inherently, therefore, PYP caters for the gifted, higher-order thinker.

The Preparatory School offers a rich package of enrichment and extension activities beyond the curriculum. Students can thus discover, explore and extend their gifts and talents. These activities include academic competitions, debating, Science Club, Computing Club, wood technics, chess, music (various choirs and bands), Crusaders Christian fellowship, public speaking, poetry recitation, a comprehensive student leadership program, philosophy, video production, Tournament of Minds, the Da Vinci Decathlon, drama productions, representative sport, art exhibitions, the Year 6 Enterprise project and the PYP Exhibition.

Our GAT students do not learn in isolation Stimulating mentor programs operate within the School. Some of these are structured and delivered as part of a class strategy. Others are more flexible, based on student need and available mentors. Mentors may be specialist teachers within the Preparatory and Senior School, GAT students from the Senior School, as well as gifted and talented individuals from the broader school community.

“Giving specialised support to the learner in need”

The Prep School is committed to an inclusive school culture and assisting all students to maximise their achievements. The Learning Support team provides assistance for students with a wide range of abilities, through a collaborative and consultative approach with all stakeholders.

Identifying learning needs

The Learning Support team assists with identification of specific learning difficulties. Early identification is conducted by trained staff, using criterion-based and national standardised assessments. The collation of other data, such as class based summative assessments, anecdotal records, review of allied health reports and psychometric reports, form the basis for individual programs.

These programs are reviewed regularly and case-managed by all teachers directly involved with the student's learning. Parental involvement is paramount and is fostered by the School staff to ensure successful implementation and progress.

Trained staff members are available to provide assessments and programs for students who come from non English speaking backgrounds.

Support provided by the Learning Support team during the school day is as follows:

  • In-class Support
    In line with the School's commitment to inclusion, additional team members are placed in the classroom to assist targeted students. The Learning Support staff modify the learning tasks or teaching outcomes to suit the needs of individual students.

  • Small Group Support
    Purposeful small group intervention allows students to work with their peers and receive intensive support from the Learning Support teacher, either within the classroom or in the Learning Support Services Centre.

  • 1:1 Intervention
    This strategy is used with boys who require 1:1 teaching to master basic skills. The Multilit Program and the Reading Recovery Method are integral to our 1:1 intervention.

  • Home Learning Programmes
    These have been designed to give literacy support to boys in need. Care is taken by the Learning Support team to select reading texts, comprehension activities and writing skills that will assist with further consolidation of skills at home.

  • Early Bird Lessons
    These are conducted before school. The primary focuses are reading fluency and the use of a computer based program that develops word attack skills.

Liaising with Parents

Learning Support Services staff embrace the School's ‘no surprises’ policy with parents. Regular phone calls, emails and interviews are used to inform parents about student progress and future planning.

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